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About BT Cyber Pty Ltd:

As one of the leading Cyber Security Experts in Australia and New Zealand, BT Cyber help organisations in the financial, insurance and manufacturing sectors defend their network to mitigate the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. 

Working closely with CIOs, IT Directors, IT Managers, Security Architects, and System Engineers, BT Cyber bring 20+ years’ international experience in IT security infrastructure to provide solutions for the highest level of protection to organisations of 500+ users without a robust internal security governance strategy.

We have Cyber Security teams across two countries, and oversee the operations of BT Consulting, which has achieved year-on-year growth since being founded.


► Direct cyber security consulting
► Build enterprise cyber defence systems
► Implement Artificial intelligence endpoint solutions
► Penetration testing

Technology makes life more convenient and society more productive, and we are passionate about protecting the technology we use from attack, and helping people operate within a safe eco-environment.

BT Cyber is known for our trustworthiness and honesty, problem-solving, being calm under pressure, compassionate, personable, and quick to respond to any issues my clients face.

Contact us at or call +61 2 8005 0187 (Australia)

services offered by consultancy :
  • Vulnerability assessment VUAS

  • Penetration testing PENT

  • Information security SCTY

  • Vulnerability research VURE

  • Emerging technology monitoring EMRG

  • Specialist advice TECH

  • Network design NTDS

  • IT infrastructure ITOP

  • Threat intelligence THIN

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