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About Volkis:

Your ally in cybersecurity | Volkis

We were established by experienced, passionate, and dedicated security consultants that wanted to raise the bar for security consulting. We wanted to do better, finding more, and help our clients get better outcomes.

We offer bespoke consulting services, including:

Red Team

Penetration tesing

Social engineering

Physical Intrusion

Security review

Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Check out our service catalogue for details.

As part of our transparency value, we publish everything that isn't confidential on our Handbook. It's a great resource for getting to know us, what we're all about and how we work.

services offered by consultancy :
  • Testing TEST

  • Risk management BURM

  • Audit AUDT

  • Penetration testing PENT

  • Information security SCTY

  • Vulnerability research VURE

  • Vulnerability assessment VUAS

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