How it works

CyberMarket is designed to facilitate the connections between Business Project Owners searching for skilled professionals to be able to provide services and Consultancies who can provide those staff.




In order to facilitate these connections we need Consultancies and their Consultants to register accounts with CyberMarket. First step is for the person who will be the administrator of the Consultancy account to register a Consultancy account. It is important to use a valid mobile phone number as a Multi Factor Authentication Timed One Time Passcode will be used as part of the login process. Once the account has been registered you will need to confirm the account via an email to your email address. Once you sign in for the first time you will be required to specify how many Consultants you will be onboarding to the platform and subscribe to the registered subscription plan based on a per Consultant basis. Once Consultants have been background checked and approved for work on the CyberMarket platform, the Consultancy Admin account can submit bids for project work by putting forward background checked Consultanmts to perform the work as part of the proposal.


You will be able to register directly with CyberMarket however you will need a Consultancy to be a part of in order for the Consultancy to submit bids for project on your behalf. At any time including at time of registering a Consultancy, a Consultancy Admin can invite Consultants to join the Consultancy within CyberMarket. Consultants will need to register and provide background information including industry certificates, proof of identity, education qualifications and to be submitted to a police check within countries that they have lived for the past 10 years. This may take some time to be background checked. Once Consultants have been background checked they will be approved for being submitted for work by their Consultancy Admin as part of the bidding process for project work. This may take some time.


Project Owners

Project Owners need to register an account on CyberMarket before they can submit a project for Consultancies to bid on which includes a confirmation via email and the use of mobile phone for Multi Factor Authentication when logging into CyberMarket.



Project Owners can submit projects to CyberMarket for Consultancy Admin accounts to submit proposals and bid upon. As part of the project submission process a bidding period is specified in which the project is open for bidding. The Project can be selected to be made available to a public bidding process where any approved CyberMarket Consultancy can bid on the project or it may be kept to a private bidding process in which only a selected list of approved CyberMarket Consultancies can bid on the project.
As part of the project submission process a 2 party Confidentiality Agreement is to be signed by the Project Owner via Docusign. This will need to be countersigned by any approved Consultancy Admin that will be viewing the project document information. This provides a Confidentiality Agreement between the Project Owner and any Consultancy in order to provide trust that the Project details will only be shown to people covered by a Confidentiality Agreement.

There is a nominal fee of $20 that the Project Owner must pay in order to submit a project to CyberMarket.
Once the Consultancy Admin has signed the Confidentiality Agreement they will be able to view the Project details in order to prepare and submit a proposal as part of the bidding process.
There are Public and Private chat messaging services in order to facilitate any questions that Consultancy Admins and Project Owners may have for each other.
A Consultancy Admin can submit a proposal including a proposal document as well as the value of the bid that they are proposing for.
Project Owners can review proposals and award the project to the winning proposal. The Consultancy Admin then chooses whether to accept the awarding of the project at which point the process enters a Project Management Phase.
Once the project has been awarded and accepted the Project Owner must fund the project for the agreed upon amount. The funding can then be split up into milestone payments within the project management section, but first the funding of the project needs to proceed. CyberMarket takes a commission on the project at this point.
Once the project has been funded and milestones have been set the consultancy admin needs to accept the milestones as agreed upon values.
Once the project has reached a milestone the Consultancy Admin can request for the funds to be released from the project's milestone at which point the Project Owner can release the funds to the Consultancy Admin.
Once funds are released into the Consultancy's CyberMarket account it can be requested to be released into the Consultancy's designated bank account.


Review Process

Upon the completion of the project, all participants are available to rate and review each other. The Consultancy Admin and Consultant can review the Project Owner and the Project Owner can review the Consultant and Consultancy. The overall feedback of the Consultancy and the Consultant contribute to a rating system where Consultancys and Consultants have a score that verifies a number of different facets

Dispute Process

In the case of a dispute between the Project Owner and the Consultancy regarding work completed, or quality of project

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